Bosendorfer 225 Grand Piano

Our stunning Bosendorfer 225 was selected by producer George Martin for his Air Studios in 1985. After Air, the instrument served time at Westside Studios before returning to Bosendorfer for a factory refurb, reemerging in brand new condition ready to grace Snap.

A beautiful, rich and well-balanced instrument - regarded by pianists as one of the best examples in any recording studio worldwide. We treat it with the respect it deserves, regularly tuned and maintained. Stunning in every respect.

Sonor 1970's studio kit

One of the best recording kits available.

Made in the early 1980's - it has a very punchy and clean tone which makes it superb for modern recording.

We also have a number snare drums available including an original Ludwig Black Beauty.

Wurlitzler EP-200

Another classic electric piano offering a more aggressive tone to that of the Rhodes.
Great mic'd up from the built in speaker, or running into an amplifier.

ARP Solina

The Solina for that authentic 1970s string vibe.

Epiphone USA (1966) Texan 6 string guitar

Wonderful instrument to play.

Our Texan is well balanced, and records beautifully.

Hammond C3 / Leslie 122

Our Hammond C3/Leslie (tube) 122 came from Chris Rea, following which it has been overhauled and serviced regularly.

We also have a separate guitar/instrument interface for our Leslie that allows it to be driven from a different signal source. Great when used with a reamp box!

Pearl Vibes

No instrument collection is complete without a vibraphone!

Roland Juno 6

Classic, simple 6 voice polysynth used on countless records since the 80s.
Perfect for pads, with its rich chorus. It's a lovely instrument to play.

Ours has also been retrofitted with the Juno 66 MIDI mod.

(available by request!)

Roland sh-101

A juicy little mono synth capable of producing incredible bass and lead lines.
If you're into acid, program the built in sequencer and tweak away! 

(available by request!)

Arp axxe

Powerful and ballsy mono synth with the classic Arp sound.