SOS Magazine Features Snap

Same drums, different rooms

We were featured in a brilliant in-depth article on the September issue of Sound On Sound magazine, comparing the drum sound in an array of top London studios, including RAK, AIR Lyndhurst and Snap Studios. The product of extensive hard work, Snap was designed by Mark Thompson and built/equipped by Funky Jun.

"A relatively young facility, Snap Studios features (alongside a mouthwatering array of vintage equipment) a 55-metre-square live room carefully designed to offer desirable acoustics. The floor is reclaimed oak while the long parallel walls of this rectangular room feature wood panelling on one side and absorbent panelling on the other." - SOS

"This is quite a new room on the London studio scene and it's amazing. It's built like back in the day but without the downsides of being an old place. This is a very nice medium-sized live room, with a good blend between absorption and reflections, so you can keep the sound focused while having it big and spacey at the same time." - Producer Tommaso Colliva (Muse, Franz Ferdinand, Manu Chao) on his experience at Snap.

Check out the video of the full experiment:

Huge thank you to SOS magazine and Tommaso Colliva for all the enthusiastic comments on our live room.