DPA Special Edition 4040 Mic - Review

Last week I put one of our newest (and rarest!) microphones - The Brüel & Kjær 4040 to the test on a few acoustic sources including piano, acoustic guitar and clarinet.

The 4040 is a special edition microphone (only 100 were made!), which has a large diaphragm and separate preamplifier outputs offering both tube and transistor stages.
It is very interesting and unusual, and is B&K’s flagship microphone.

Out of everything I tried it on, it particularly shone on acoustic guitar - as I had expected it to...
I was recording our Epiphone El Dorado - fingerpicked, and found the tube stage of the 4040 to be incredibly smooth and big sounding, but not at all flabby in the low end - and with enough sparkle to sound really special.
Switching to the transistor output, the tone was much similar to that of other cardioid B&K / DPA’s such as the 4011, but much bigger and richer.

Hopefully I’ll get to try it on cello at some point soon as I think it should sound amazing.

In short... It is a lovely mic, and possibly my new favourite for fingerpicked acoustic.
Give it try next time you record with us!

- Marco