'Born to Perform' video by Shure UK

Great video recently filmed at Snap for Shure UK.
'Born To Perform' features London-based two piece DOLLS in our live room. Give it a watch!

London 2-piece Dolls talk about why they started playing music, how they met and started the band, and why they love performing live. Tell us your story with #borntoperform, and see more at http://sm58.shure.com. Follow Dolls at: https://www.facebook.com/thisisDolls/ This video was filmed at www.snapstudios.co.uk

SOS Magazine Features Snap

Same drums, different rooms

We were featured in a brilliant in-depth article on the September issue of Sound On Sound magazine, comparing the drum sound in an array of top London studios, including RAK, AIR Lyndhurst and Snap Studios. The product of extensive hard work, Snap was designed by Mark Thompson and built/equipped by Funky Jun.

"A relatively young facility, Snap Studios features (alongside a mouthwatering array of vintage equipment) a 55-metre-square live room carefully designed to offer desirable acoustics. The floor is reclaimed oak while the long parallel walls of this rectangular room feature wood panelling on one side and absorbent panelling on the other." - SOS

"This is quite a new room on the London studio scene and it's amazing. It's built like back in the day but without the downsides of being an old place. This is a very nice medium-sized live room, with a good blend between absorption and reflections, so you can keep the sound focused while having it big and spacey at the same time." - Producer Tommaso Colliva (Muse, Franz Ferdinand, Manu Chao) on his experience at Snap.

Check out the video of the full experiment:

Huge thank you to SOS magazine and Tommaso Colliva for all the enthusiastic comments on our live room.

Adam French album recording

It's been a very busy few months for us since the new year here at Snap, and a large amount of that time has been taken up by Adam French recording his debut album.
It's often rare these days to have an artist develop their ideas and create an album from start to finish in the studio - and the results speak for themselves. 

It's very gratifying to know that a good record has been completed entirely in your studio, so we're excited for this one, and are looking forward to hearing these tracks being played on the radio in the near future!



HDX now at Snap!

 Mac Pro 3.5GHz 6 Core / 64GB

Mac Pro 3.5GHz 6 Core / 64GB

After many years of service, we finally say goodbye to our trusty old Pro Tools TDM rig 😥

Keeping up with the times, we have now switched over to a much more powerful HDX system whilst still running with superb Prism ADA converters 😀

At the heart of the rig is a speedy 6 Core "trash can" 3.5GHz Mac Pro with 64gb ram running Pro Tools HD12, plus a tasty suite of plugins including Waves, Eventide, Soundtoys and Sonnox. 

This upgrade will allow our clients to work with huge sessions even more quickly and efficiently. 

2016 is looking good already 🎉 

 Sync HD and HDX thunderbolt chassis  

Sync HD and HDX thunderbolt chassis  

Pultec EQP1A-3


Latest cuddly toys to snuggle into the SNAP! outboard racks are these twin Pultec EQP1A-3 solid state eq's. Juicy inductors and transformers and original 2520 op amp make these warm but accurate – the perfect tweak across the mix bus or for guitars/drums/vocals on a mix.