BBC AXBT Marconi Ribbon Mics

Although one of the most iconic mics in broadcast history, very few Marconi remain for the simple reason that it was BBC tradition to gut and gold plate these mics to award to retiring announcers and staff. The result is that not many still exist and even fewer remain in working condition.

In the studio, the BBC AXBT Marconi microphone really excels on loud and bright sources such as drums and electric guitars.

The only comparable mic that springs to mind is an RCA 44BX, but this AXBT is much fatter sounding... It has a huge bottom end, but it doesn’t get all flabby.

The mid range is punchy and powerful and it is fat and tight sounding.

I love them on overheads. It sounds absolutely massive. Or a mono overhead, and one on a guitar cab (from a distance!) sounds awesome.

I’m yet to try it on brass, but I would imagine it would sound immense on a loud brass section or baritone sax!