BBC AXBT Marconi Ribbon Mics

Although one of the most iconic mics in broadcast history, very few Marconi remain for the simple reason that it was BBC tradition to gut and gold plate these mics to award to retiring announcers and staff. The result is that not many still exist and even fewer remain in working condition.

In the studio, the BBC AXBT Marconi microphone really excels on loud and bright sources such as drums and electric guitars.

The only comparable mic that springs to mind is an RCA 44BX, but this AXBT is much fatter sounding... It has a huge bottom end, but it doesn’t get all flabby.

The mid range is punchy and powerful and it is fat and tight sounding.

I love them on overheads. It sounds absolutely massive. Or a mono overhead, and one on a guitar cab (from a distance!) sounds awesome.

I’m yet to try it on brass, but I would imagine it would sound immense on a loud brass section or baritone sax!

New Gear - Grace Designs M905

We’ve recently been upgrading and improving our console and here’s one of the latest additions...

Grace Designs M905

Regarded as the world’s finest monitor controller, it completely replaces the 1970’s centre section in our Neve 5316, delivering pristine reproduction of audio from multiple sources, along with speaker switching and reference quality headphone amps.

The perfect addition to our room, whether tracking or mixing.

We can’t believe the difference it’s made already!

DPA Special Edition 4040 Mic - Review

Last week I put one of our newest (and rarest!) microphones - The Brüel & Kjær 4040 to the test on a few acoustic sources including piano, acoustic guitar and clarinet.

The 4040 is a special edition microphone (only 100 were made!), which has a large diaphragm and separate preamplifier outputs offering both tube and transistor stages.
It is very interesting and unusual, and is B&K’s flagship microphone.

Out of everything I tried it on, it particularly shone on acoustic guitar - as I had expected it to...
I was recording our Epiphone El Dorado - fingerpicked, and found the tube stage of the 4040 to be incredibly smooth and big sounding, but not at all flabby in the low end - and with enough sparkle to sound really special.
Switching to the transistor output, the tone was much similar to that of other cardioid B&K / DPA’s such as the 4011, but much bigger and richer.

Hopefully I’ll get to try it on cello at some point soon as I think it should sound amazing.

In short... It is a lovely mic, and possibly my new favourite for fingerpicked acoustic.
Give it try next time you record with us!

- Marco

Customise the vibe to your liking!

We have recently upgraded the studio with Lifx LED smart lights, which have a vast combination of colours and tones - illuminating both the live area and the control room.

Liam Gallagher at Snap!

We’ve been keeping it a secret up until now, but we can announce that Liam Gallagher has been recording his debut solo album “As You Were” with us at Snap over the past few months! 

Liam has been working with a variety of writers and producers in Snap, but most notably Dan Grech who has been a regular client and friend of ours for some years.

Snap was chosen for its balance of privacy, vibe, choice of equipment and professionalism for Liam and Dan to craft the album. We are really proud to have played our part in such a milestone record!

Liam Gallagher recording at Snap Studios.  Image credit: @liamgallagher via Twitter.

Liam Gallagher recording at Snap Studios.
Image credit: @liamgallagher via Twitter.

'Born to Perform' video by Shure UK

Great video recently filmed at Snap for Shure UK.
'Born To Perform' features London-based two piece DOLLS in our live room. Give it a watch!

London 2-piece Dolls talk about why they started playing music, how they met and started the band, and why they love performing live. Tell us your story with #borntoperform, and see more at Follow Dolls at: This video was filmed at