Wallace AC 3500 XT Tube Amp


Here's the latest addition to the Eccentric backline collection housed at Snap Studios, a beautiful Wallace 3500 XT tube amp.
As readers know, Wallace amps are ...my ultimate; full, meaty, quiet and more powerful than a team of British Brexit negotiators. Industry standard for discerning guitar and particularly bass players, these are the rarest of the rare.

Fender 1962 Vibrolux

Beautiful vintage Fender tube amp with a rich midrange.
Wonderful for clean tones.


Fender 1968 Champ

A little beast that sounds awesome on guitars and Wurlitzer. 



FENDER Bassman and pro reverb amplifier heads

Awesome vintage amp heads which pair wonderfully with out 4x12 cabinets!

Ampeg 1968 Portaflex Bass Amp

The classic Motown bass amp. Clear and punchy. 
The ultimate for classic bass tones.

Ampeg 1968 22 guitar Portaflex

Ballsy American made tube amplifier.
Ours is called Steve!