A true classic! The C12 is regarded as one of the holy grail vocal mics.
It has incredible depth and lifelike realism. A rare pearl.

Neumann (Telefunken) U47

Probably used on more successful albums than any other tube mic, the Neumann U47 is respected for its full, dark sound, which adds body and weight to lead vocals.

Ours is an original Telefunken badged version.

Neumann U67

The tube predecessor of the ubiquitous U87, the U67 has a thick midrange, coupled with an Overall smoothness that makes it ideal for powerful voices. Definitely worth a try if the U47 or C12 don't cut the mustard.

AKG/Phillips C12A

The later, NuVista (miniature tube) version of the classic C12.
This beautiful Phillips badged version can stand proud next to any C12.
A very sweet mic.

Ficord FC120

We doubt if you've bumped into one of these early Tube Calrec mics, but if you've watched reruns of late 1960's or early 1970's TV pop or rock broadcasts, this is the mic that invariably handled lead vocals.

Neumann (Telefunken) KM56

The Neumann KM56 tube mics are multipattern predecessors of the better known KM84's.

Incredibly detailed and rich. Wonderful on acoustic instruments.


The Neummann KM254 is a wonderfully detailed and smooth small diaphragm condenser, with the same type nickel capsule as an M50. 

This microphone can sound fantastic on acoustic instruments.