API / MELCOR 560a X 2

Original version of the legendary API 560 graphic eq. Our stereo pair features original API transformers and inductors.


Altec - 9062A

This rare Altec inductor EQ is completely passive, and allows for incredibly linear equalisation without unwanted phase artefacts. Superb on bass instruments for adding weight without any unwanted muddiness.

Pultec MEQ5 tube eq

Tightly focused on midrange frequencies, this tube eq has a really fat juicy tone.

Lang PEQ2 x 2

These discrete, solid state equalisers add massive body to any signal. The Lang's can really make a track or mix take a giant step forwards, down to their massive hand wound inductors.
Originally designed for mastering, but great on a mix.

Decca Dual Mastering eq

Another rarity. Indeed, there may be a dozen of these 1960's equalisers scattered around with producers such as Danny Lanois, Ian Broudie, Will Gregory (Goldfrapp), David Gilmour and a handful of others. Lovingly and painstakingly restored and reworked by electronics genius, Neil Perry, these Deccas were originally built for mastering, hand wound inductors and all.
Now with an active stage and the two channels carefully matched, they are best described as subtle but sweet.

Telefunken V72 x 2

1960's all tube mic pre's with a full, smooth sound.