AKG C412

Identical to the 414. This features an original CK12 brass capsule - as per the C12.

Very nice sounding microphone that can be used as a pair with our original 414.

AKG C414 EB x 2

Original - complete with brass capsules.
These microphones are far removed from modern 414's.

They have a very natural and flattering response. 

AKG C451 x 2

Industry classics, the predecessors of the low noise C480's.

We have a variety of capsules including cardioid and figure of 8, but are mostly used in cardiod on snare drums and hats, and occasionally acoustic guitars.

Calrec CM1050C x 2

Not very widely known, but lots of engineers are beginning to wise up to Calrec pencil mics. 

These incredibly versatile microphones work great on a variety of applications.

Oh they're also from Hebden Bridge in Yorkshire.

DPA 4011 cardioid x 2

These ultra precise pencil mics are incredibly natural sounding.

Perfect for capturing sound with incredible accuracy.

DPA 4006 omni x 2

DPA 4006 is one of the most popular types in the DPA microphone range and is one of the most accurate microphones available.


Milab VIP-50 x 2

Everyone who uses one of these odd-shaped Mics wants one.
Unlike any other mic, the VIP50 combines accuracy and detail with a full, warm sound making it perfect for acoustic guitars, ambience, strings, brass, overheads - you name it.

Think C414 with balls.

Milab DC93

Another great condenser microphone from Milab with a small rectangular capsule.


Milab DC96B

SDC Milab with a small rectangular capsule.

Neumann Fet 47

Classic, punchy FET based microphone. Used a lot of bass instruments and kick drums.

Neumann U87

If all else fails, bang up a U87, the world's most popular vocal mic. A reliable standby.

Neumann KM84 (plus KMS85i) x 2

The solid state successor to the tube KM54, these are pretty much industry standard for acoustic guitars and snares.

Pearl ELM-C x 2

Fantastic modern large diaphragm microphones with a very smooth and natural response.
The Pearl microphones are an offshoot from the original Milab, and share the same rectangular capsule design, albeit with a much longer diaphragm.

Natural response and very low noise.

Schoeps cmc5

Accurate and detailed small diaphragm condenser with a very low self noise.