Beyer M160 m/s set

The M160 is cardioid, which is unusual for a ribbon mic.
This makes it ideal for rejection, and close spot micing. 

Use with the figure of eight M130 for MS recording, offering superb stereo imagery with a simple pair.

Beyer M260 x 2

Cardioid ribbons offering natural, smooth response.


Coles (STC) 4038 x 3

Legendary BBC designed ribbon microphones.

Something of an industry standard now. 


Sinatra used a 44-BX as did Ella and just about every great voice of the 1940's and 50's.

For a truly retro sound, this is the one.
Oh, it's also very nice on sax.

Royer R-122 active

Active ribbon, quickly becoming a modern classic.


Speiden (Royer) SF12 stereo

This beautiful stereo ribbon was handmade by Bob Speiden in New York years before he licensed the design to Royer Labs.

Great on pianos, string/brass sections and overheads.

Sandhill active ribbon x 2

A superbly engineered modern active ribbon, with a near "indestructible" element.

We've been absolutely blown away by this microphone with its natural response and high output.
Off axis, it does an excellent job of keeping unwanted spill out from other sounds in the room.

Sandhill have impressed us with the development of this microphone - even making improvements on the electronics to lower the noise after our input during the testing phase.
Give them a try in place of your usual ribbon choices and you might be surprised!