Classic large diaphragm dynamic microphone. Excellent on bass instruments and kick drums.

AKG D20 & D36

These 2 dynamics really pack a punch!

The D36 (pictured left) is the dual capsule version of the D20 (pictured right).

Superb on kick drums and bass instruments.


As used by The Beatles for overheads!

AKG D222

Quality 70's dynamic mic.

AKG D224 E

Very high quality dual capsule dynamic mic.

Beyer M380C

Superb vintage large diaphragm dynamic mic. Bit of a rarity!

Electrovoice RE20

Originally designed for speech, but useful on everything from kick drums to brass instruments. Capable of taking very high spl.

Sennheiser MD421

Great on toms, guitar cabs and whatever else you fancy. Our collection includes two of the rare, early white versions.

Sennheiser MD409 x 3

Fast, responsive and happy to accept whatever you throw at them, these haven't been made for ages, and more's the pity.
A favourite for toms and guitar cabs.

There's also plenty of footage of the early Floyd with Waters and Gilmour warbling into 409's

Sennheiser MD441

One of the best dynamics ever made.
Very versatile and a favourite on snare drums.

Sennheiser E906

Modern equivalent to the MD409 - Can be great on electric guitars.

Shure SM/Beta 57

Shure SM7B

Very high quality dynamic microphone with excellent off axis rejection. Fantastic on some voices and useful on many instruments.