emt 140 plate reverb

The classic reverb of the 60's (and beyond!)
EMT 140's add that authentic ambience within a mix.
Emulated a million times over, there's still no substitute for the real thing.

EMT 240 goild foil PLATE REVERB

A wonderful alternative to the 140 plate (and about 1/10th of the size!)
The 240 offers a very sweet sounding and natural reverb useful on just about everything.

tile room echo chamber

The earliest form of reverb available. 
Our tile room is a converted toilet block with tiles throughout - walls, ceiling and floor - it is a very natural reverb that is completely unique to our studio.
We have conveniently installed a large 3 way speaker and a pair of mics in the room - which are both fed from our patchbay.
The tail lasts around 3 seconds, and has been used on hundreds of records since we opened the studio. We love it!

Lexicon 480l 

Classic reverb units heard on countless records from the 80's onwards.
Great on snare drums and acoustic guitars. Great for ambience. Great for vocals. 

LEXICON pcm 70

A great FX unit that is still favourited by many over the 480/224 for many applications.

ams dmx-1580s

There's nothing like an AMS.
Awesome machine that can be used for delay and harmonising. A true classic.

ROLAND SRE-555 tape delay

The rack mount version of the RE-501. 
A classic tape delay that also offers chorus, plus a spring reverb. 

And the rest....

We also have a plenty of other fx and toys which can be available by request and hooked up for you to use including a full suite of RTAS/AAX plugins from Soundtoys, Eventide, Kush Audio, Valhalla, plus the Waves Platinum Bundle, in addition to the complete UAD bundle with an Octo-Core processor.