Neve 2262 discrete compressors x 4

Although possibly unfamiliar to most engineers, the Neve 2262 is exactly the same in terms of electronics and control as the better known early 33609.

Fully discrete throughout, these are incredibly versatile and rare compressor/limiters.  

SSL G384 Bus Compressor

The classic SSL bus compression which can be heard on countless records.

Empirical Labs Disstresser with Brit Mod x 2

These modern classics thoroughly deserve their place in our rack.

Simple, effective and punchy, they've earned their stripes ten thousand times over! Stereo linkable - complete with Brit Mod.

Teletronix LA2A (original)

Another classic tube limiter from the 1960s. Electro-optical compression. 
This one came from the legendary Plus XXX studio in Paris.

Urei 1176 black face x 3

Revision D and Revision F's. Classic FET limiters that need no introduction.


Retro 176

Retro's remake of the classic Universal Audio UA176 vari-mu limiter.

An extremely versatile compressor/limiter with a host of useful features, and a very smooth, sweet tone.

DBX 165A x 2

It's a mystery as to why these great limiter/compressors have never attracted the same kudos as the 1176.

When made they were twice the price of the Urei and For a multitude of uses are more versatile, faster and fuller sounding.
A very useful pair of limiters indeed!


Valley Dynamite x 4

These simple, punchy VCA compressors can be real animals.

They practically live on drums here..
We have 4 or them - 2 pairs stereo linkable.

Blue 1 - 1960's La2a style

BLUE 2 - 1960'S Vari-Mu Urei 175 style

We don't know much about these beautiful handmade limiters, other than that they were made in the 1960's in France, and that they sound fantastic!

We have an electro-optical LA2A type and a Vari-Mu Urei 175 type - both all tube designs with bags of character.

Pye Compressor x 2

Punchy and quick - These classic 70's Pye limiters have reached legendary status over the years.

Their unique tone and compression characteristics have become highly prized - we love them.